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The Writers Block - Love You (All Over) - Dennis Edwards & Siedah Garrett/M-People Cover

Emlékeztek még a 90-es években mennyi remek éneklős house zene volt? Például az összes Kym Sims a kedvencem volt, meg a Spirits-től a Don’t Bring Me Down, vagy a Promise Land Joe Smooth-tól. De jó évek is voltak.


Clean Bandit feat. Sharna Bass | 'Extraordinary’

After sweeping me off my feet with their single ‘Rather Be’, Clean Bandit (i.e. Jack Patterson, Luke Patterson, Neil Amin-Smith & Grace Chatto) are back with another knockout in the form of ‘Extraordinary’. 

The London-based quartet enjoyed massive chart success the past few months with ‘Rather Be feat. Jess Glynne’ -which hit the #1 spot on the Official Singles Chart back in February. The track has sold over 761,000 to date, becoming the fastest selling single of 2014 so far and making Clean Bandit the first UK act to spend four consecutive weeks at the top since Adele’s Someone Like You in 2011.

Look for ‘Extraordinary’ to be released on May 18th and their album New Eyes to drop shortly after on June 2nd.

You can pre-order Clean Bandit’s ‘New Eyes’ on iTunes NOW!